To Asgard

Welcome to my little Animal Crossing blog

This blog is just for my New Leaf and City Folk screenshots and other things that I post and reblog.

100% Animal Crossing.

Just love it when people repost my stuff..

Okay so because i’m still new in New Leaf and still trying to get items, i’ve been trying to get more coins.

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This stuff comes from a variety of places. I figured Brewster needed some competition, whoo whoo motherfucker

My one regret is drinking the Pigeon Milk

These are cute! Perfect for a cafe themed room or a sign outside of Brewster’s cafe!

Angelic Pretty - Midnight Doll


you don’t have to be uchi to join the uchi gang!

(also made it available as a shirt!)


Remix Crossing - an Animal Crossing remix fanmix

For Animal Crossing lovers.

{[ LISTEN ]}

Here’s my 2014 present to you all! I made an 8tracks mix of all of the remixed AC music I’ve collected over time. My original playlist is a bit longer than this, but 8tracks has some limitations… Enjoy!